Mission Statement & service offer

Achieve with NERAF (Northern Engagement into Recovery from Addiction Foundation) is a Local North East Provider. We think we operate an innovative outreach recovery model where people are treated as individuals. Our customers tell us that we are good. but why not try us for yourselves?

Our Mission is  to ‘deliver and enable real positive differences to the lives of people affected by alcohol and substance misuse, this includes their family networks’.

Our Service offer is that everyone is unique and recovery is possible!.

We offer people the opportunity to develop skills for lasting recovery by supporting people to engage with their families, stop cycle of homelessness, ensure people are safeguarded, and support people into employment and to sustain employment – a truly co-ordinated approach to support.

Services are tailored to meet specific needs. We are committed to making your journey into recovery personal to you.

Using a  structured program of support agreed with you at the outset, we will help you to navigate, heal and recover. But remember it is up to you to take the first step but we will be there to help you along the way.

Would you like a copy of our strategy 2016-2019? If so please speak to Graham on 01915148520