Some of our Events

See our newsletter for our events that we have completed over the past few years.

An example of one of our events was to celebrate Recovery Month in 2015, NERAF held a Fish ’n’ Chip walk from our various group locations. The Fish ‘n’ Chip walk enabled customers to further their recovery by meeting new people, having a purpose in that of a healthy walk with a little something to look forward to at the end… a bag of fish and chips.  WE are looking for ideas for this years Recovery month in September 2016. Can you help?

The points that they worked towards were;

Motivation and responsibilities

Self care and living skills

Managing money

Social network and relations

Physical health (walking)

Support from peers and helping others

Meaningful use of time

Help yourself and others


Below is a story of the South Shields Group Walk;

The South Shields group went for a walk down the beach and got some fish and chips.

We set off from the office in South Shields which is about 15 minutes walk to the beach or if you ask the clients its miles away!! There were 10 of us in total we walked down Shields High street and down to the beach. It was a nice day, slightly on the cold side and a little shower of rain but all in all a refreshing walk. The clients walked and chatted among each other although next time I think I might need some children’s reins to keep them all together!!

We got to the beach and the clients decided that they would like to walk down the peer however due to it being a bit windy the pier was shut.

We decided to walk back up and get some dinner via the fair ground. There was a few dance moves knocked out to the music that was playing in the fair by a certain member of the group which keeps everyone’s spirits up.

We ended up in a café on the way back to the office and everyone had fish and chips…….Ah peace at last.

Clients had a lovely time and can’t wait till the next trip out.