NERAF is an independent charity established to help transform peoples lives by helping them gain recovery from substance misuse. We do this by providing a very personalised service, recognising that everybody is unique with individual needs. We will make you feel welcome, listen to your story and then work with you to help you achieve what matters to you. We take pride in working “with” you rather than doing what we do “to” you.

We provide support in group sessions or via our unique 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring service where you will work with your own recovery coach for as long as you need to. In addition we provide the same high level of service to families of those affected by substance misuse, again recognising that each family is different rather than giving you an off the shelf package. After all, Families matter too, right?

NERAF take pride in recruiting volunteers, peers and staff who have been through an addiction, or have cared for someone with addiction themselves.

NERAF is there to support everyone in a unique way to meet their own personal needs, in a non judgemental way.



Charity Number 1141400