NERAF is an independent charity established to enable positive lifestyle change and recovery to people affected by alcohol or substances. We do this by providing support that is tailored to meet your personal needs.

We will make you feel welcome, listen to your story and then work with you to help you achieve what matters to you. We will provide you with a recovery coach or volunteer to support you throughout your journey to recovery.  We will support you to navigate your recovery and can help you address a variety of issues some of which could be debt, housing, employment or health.  We will support you with anything that you are currently struggling with!

Our services include;

One to One Support

Telephone Support

Peer Mentoring

Group Support


Family and Friends Support Groups

We take pride in employing those who have previously had alcohol or substance disorders in both paid and volunteering roles.  Many of our support team are in ‘recovery’ themselves, some may be here as they share an interest in this field and are passionate about supporting others. 

Our Group Support Session is every Tuesday 11am-2pm. This is a drop in session so please feel free to stay as little or as long as you like between those times. We also offer free bacon sandwiches, cups of tea and coffee and some friendly faces!

Unsure if we can help you?  Give us a try and contact us today!

Charity Number 1141400